Nereus - the Tale Begins

First Mission

The two halfings Meggi and Kath wakes up in the boat shed and walks up to the others. Esti is very silent and once Kath have taken the stearing wheel Esti falls asleep after a hard nights ride. Meggi sits on the roof as a lookout and nothing pekuliar happends untill the evning, when Meggi spots a town ahead. The boat stops at the harbor of the town “Gruk”.

Once at the harbor the adventurers spot a tiefling standing, keeping a keen eye, on the pier. The Tieflings name is Amnon, and he is supposed to bring the secret note from the, now dead, fellow on the boat. He gets a bit dissapointed when he realizes that the message is lost. By now, the six guards, led by Mr. Behan, have aproached the ship and demands to speak with the captain. The mighty warrior Xochipilli stands up, while Meggi and Kath are hiding behind him, and explains that the captain is dead. Behan puts up a fight when the adventurers refuse to follow him to the station. The fight pretty much is between Behan and eventually a guard, since most guards dont make the jump to the ship, but to fall into the water. Behan wounds Meggi with a mighty attack, making her blood spray from a nasty cut in her belly. A few moments later, the adventurers finally beat Behan. But just as Kath knocks Behan unconsius, she also pushes him overboard. The halflings Meggi and Kath paniks and jumps into the water to save him, having to cut of his armor and struggle beneth the surface, they finally get him up! The remaining guards are now unconsius or have fled the scene. The tiefling joins the party and together with the adventurers they set of with the ship, Vindmos, towards the horizon. Screams and shouts are heard from behind as Behan yells at his guards ordering them to board the ship. Only one tries, and fails.

On the ship, Meggi asks about the leaf-print she found on the metallic tube. Amnon replies with a good description of the 7-clover leaf from the house he is to recieve the letter. Meggi clearly states she havn’t seen one, and is believed. After a long time, the adventurers reaches the big capitol city. They ride to the city and Meggi is a few coins richer when they reach their destination. The master is a high ranked tiefling, who is kind enough to reward Meggi and her friends with, not getting into prison, as a reward for obtaining the letter for him. Meggi makes a mental note to kill this man. Once the paper have been read by the master he leaves the room and hell breaks loose. Meggi that been strolling around the room the entire time, is told together with the other adventurers to stand back untill the master comes back, by Amnon. meggi ignores him and inspects an expencive huge vase when Amnon is taking the matter to force and lifts Meggi up. Kicking and flailing her arms around Meggi tries to get loose from Amnon, while Kath is trying to help Meggi out, but is interupted by Xochpilli. In the turmoil Esti runs over to the parchment and reads abit of the letter. The door opens and the turmoil ends, Esti smoothly walks over to the others as if nothing happend. The master asks, or rather commands, the adventurers to leave for his homeland to help out. He leaves the room by telling the adventurers to wait for someone, that will help them with eventual needs before the traveling. He buys a new dagger for Meggi, two blades for Kath and Xochipilli got a Vicious axe, a new magic armor and a spectacular amulet.

Boat trip

The halflings Aesti, Katherine and Meggie-Sue ended up together on a riverboat as they were all heading to the great city Nerus. On the boat were also Xochipilli, the human fighter and three silent persons. During the day nothing special happend, exept that it had began to rain. When night fell the passangers gathered in the small area where they could seek shelter from the rain. Suddenly the small lantern was broken and a supriced sound was heard thru the darkness, and when Aesti produced a magical lantern it was clear one of the passangers had been assassinated by an unfamiliar man that hadn’t been seen on the boat before. The other two passangers had reached the door out of the room, one standing on the outside blocking the door and the other just inside of the door. The mysterius man had found a sealed metal cylinder on the dying man and tossed it towards his companions, when the halfling Meggie-Sue in panic passed the doorframe and accidently (to the others) got struck by the metal cylinder and it bounced into the wall instead of reaching the culpist. Without the others notice Meggie-Sue snatched the cylinder on her sobbing escape to the back of the room. As none of the others had seen her take it the culpist who should had taken the cylinder began to search for it without any luck. Meggie-Sue was now playing a show of a paniced scared girl hiding behind Katherine in the back of the room. Katherine, Aesti and Xochipilli had their hands on their weapons and standing ready. As the mysterius new man understood his companion wouldn’t find the cylinder he started to threaten the adventurers that he would kill them one by one if it wasn’t found. The fight started with Xochipilli preforming mighty attacks on the leader and continuing to his companion on the inside of the boat. Aesti showed to be a mighty magic-user and the leader was covered in hot flames hurting him badly. Katherine was protecting the little Meggie-Sue in the back of the room. Meggie-Sue however had a few shurikens ready that she throwed into the leader and then the one standing at the door, hurting them both. The combat was over before it had started, the one at the door was badly wounded and when his both companions fell he jumped ship. Once things cooled down, the adventurers interigigated the culpists and learned that they worked for a cult but wouldn’t say any more. A discusion started how to treat the culpists and Aesti on one hand wanted them to be given back their weapons, so they could protect themselves from wild animals, and saftly put on a beach. While Xochipilli was resolute and eventually tossed them, bound tightly in ropes, over the cieling – after he gave them the oportunity that he would cut them loose if they said who they worked for, but they didn’t. The three men in the boats crew were all slain but the adventurers didn’t seem to care, exept Katherine who took them down and piled them in the back of the ship. After all the happenings the adventurers were very tired and fell asleep, exept the one who held the wheel, which they did in turns.

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