Katharine Nightgale

But I realy dont wana fight him, I might hurt him


Class: Ranger


Katharine Nightgale was born in Elmdale a city with a growing hafling population in the House of Summergale under a eclipse. Her father Mingus Summergale was a very proud hafling thrid generation of Summergale and the head of the growing merchants house of Summergale.

He used to say that once the halfling people joined under one House the possibilties would be endless. Katharine did not realy care and just smiled and noded when the father started ranting and just tried not to break something.

Breaking things is something that happens to Katharine alot, it is not that she wants to break them they just seem to fall by themself when she enters the room. This gift have made everyone belive that she needs help with everything and should be treated like a little girl who cant fender for herself. well not everyone Uncle Sid treated her just like any kid, and Kath loved spending time at Uncle Sids home where she got to hear wonderfull stories about the outside world, a world filled with adventure. Uncle Sid hade travled almost every place worth travling to or atleast thats what he said, and he did not mind sharing his stories with Cath.

It was acutaly Uncle Sid that started calling her Cath, it started all one evening when Cath found two blades hidden deep down in a trunk in Uncle Cids celler. It was just like dancing, it was like the blades her dance partner and nothing could break the rythem. A loud cough made Cath land in pile of old rags and make an old vase fall and break in to a thousand pieces, with a face more red then an apple she looked up at uncle Sid who look amused.

From that day on Uncle Sid taught her how to dance with blades. the days flew by and Kath even started to manage to make Uncle Cid break a sweat in there training matches. and when the summer came that year and the grand dance festivale The Scampering Uncle Cid tricked her to join in the compitition, and she almost was the first to drop out becuse of all the starring made her feet clumsy and she cursed Uncle Cid for making her where this dress. Dress was a not the right word it was more like a thin silk thing wraped around her, and everyone was starring at her but then the music started, and her feet started to move by themself and soon she did not see all the starring eyes.

When the musik stop it became spooky silent and Kath suddenly felt that everyone was looking at her and noone was making a sound. All the people just stood there with there mouths open and then a roar of cheering shock her so hard that she fell hard on her back.

Katharine Nightgale

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