Megdala Rianes

Usually called Meggie-Sue Rhymes, this halfing is a rough 13 year old girl who wont mind get her hands dirty for coins and revenge!


Str 11, Dex 20 (+5), Con 10, Int 10, Wis 8 (-1), Cha 16 (+3)

Dual-wielding daggers (+1 rogue, +3 profiency, +5 dex mod) d4 dmg

Shuriken for range attacks (+3 profiency, +5 dex mod) d6 dmg

Sneak attack 2d8 (Feat backstabber)

Sly flourish – at will power – dex vs AC = wep dmg + dex mod + cha mod + ev. sneak dices.

Lucky blade +1 Crit: +1d8 Daily power: reroll attack


Megdala Rianes was born on a summerday into a big halfling family. Infact, to a too big halfling family, and she was thus discarded to die in the big city. After several years of child-molesting and beatings Meggie-Sue had had enough. Her very next customer lost more the just his purse, and Meggie-Sue had started her career as executioner. She looks very sweet and innocent on the surface, which is merely a decoy to trap men in her snare. Those who treat her well will only leave short of their belongings, unlike the ones who treat her bad, who loose their lives in the bargin. She has green big dark eyes and her red hair in a long braid almost reaching her bottom or neatly combed in a plain fall. She even costomized her leather armor to be more.. feminine, in order to lure more victims in her trap. Don’t get her wrong thou, shes a sweet girl, under tons of spikes and drama she learned to in order to keep her head over the surface. Maybe one day prince charming will come and unlock her true self, provided he survives long enough. Meggie-Sue’s primary goal is to survive, stealing money and live well, and get revenge on the world who treated her so badly. She have no limits at all as how to get it, may it be by brute force, seduction, drama, politiks or any other means she may come up with. You should be certain she will take it Her armor is not only loaded with cotton to make her breasts look bigger, but also ten or more shurikens and a stack of daggers. Allways well hidden under her traveling clothes, but not to hard to reach! If any profession would be for Meggie-Sue, it would be dancer. Sadly her only reason to dance is for the coins and to lure more men into her deathtrap.

Megdala Rianes

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