Fey Panther

Level 4 Skirmisher
medium fey beast

Initiative +8
Senses Perception +8; low-light vision
Speed 8, climb 6; see also fey step

HP 54; Bloodied 27
AC 18; Fortitude 16, Reflex 18, Will 15

Bite (standard; at-will)
+9 vs AC; 1d6 + 4 damage, and the fey panther shifts 1 square.

Charging Pounce
When the fey panther charges, it deals an extra 1d6 damage and knocks the target prone.

Fey Step (move; encounter)  Teleportation
The fey panther can teleport 5 squares.

Skills Stealth +11

Str 14 (+4) Dex 18 (+6) Wis 13 (+3)
Con 14 (+4) Int 2 (-2) Cha 11 (+2)

Fey panthers are supernatural creatures touched by the magic of other planes, and they are known to stalk humanoid prey. They are solitary hunters and are commonly found near fey crossings.

A fey panther springs from hiding and makes a charging pounce attack, pouncing again whenever it begins its turn with no enemies adjacent to it.

Lore (Arcana)
DC 15: Fey panthers can move between the natural world and the Feywild at nightfall and sunrise.

fey panther stat block

Fey Panther

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